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IT PINOY vs india

hmmm interesting topic but i’ll try to be as objective as i can (and if i can’t help it, pls forgive me).

to give you a backgrounder, i’ve been in the IT industry for more done a dozen years now (whew! that long?) and i have had the chance to work with different nationalities and one of them are the indians. personally, i view the IT indians as smart, visionaries and technically @ par compared to others (sometimes even to us IT PINOY’s!)

pero napansin ko din na medyo ma-epal sila (nagtagalog nako haha) and they tend to make a simple point much bigger than they should be. on the other hand, they are very assertive and vocal about their thoughts that you will oftentimes easily get persuaded or lost by them.

while the IT PINOY’s are deep hooked into finishing up our programs, we tend to shy away from the limelight and take credit of our accomplishments. @ the same time, medyo may yabang din kasi tayo and unfortunately deep in our culture we have associated indians with motorbikes at nagpa5-6 (for those who don’t know, part of the philippine society are indians as moneylenders who always come in motobikes in their turbans. the 5-6 system is if you borrow 5thou you pay 6thou and many have gone bankrupt because of this).

right now i’m working with a multinational company who’s business transferred to manila from india mainly because of the high attrition rate there (or so we’re told). when they compared us to our counterparts, PINOY’s daw are good listeners and that working with us is lighter because we are just generally good natured people.

i remember the first java user group i joined comprised of 40% indians. i mean these guys really are making their mark in the IT world! just check out the IT forums and new groups – most who give out answers are indians! nasan na tayong mga pinoy? (or am i just not searching that hard enough hehehe)

this is a challenge to us – IT PINOY’s.

anyway these are just my point of view, read here what other say about this topic:

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