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IT PINOY Report Q3 2008

according to the business monitor international (BMI) – in the next few years the Philippines is expected to be one with the highest IT growths here in asia.

it was mentioned that the market is driven by the country’s status as the destination for bpo operations and call centers, which account for around 30% of the IT market. hmmm!

and did you know that there is an ambitious five year plan for our sector worth usd$13bn by 2010? now really?!

other note-worthy items in the report are:

special focus: southern Philippines

industry developments: it is hoped (or prayed haha) that the gov’t will ensure tax incentives to continue to attract investors

pc brands: hp and acer are the the leading pc brands in the market (where white boxes still dominate). and hp prices will continue to fall, moreso pc initiatives will play a role in the driving growth

software: BMI expects 12% growth in software spending in 2008. while the software piracy rate reported by Business Software Association was 69% in 2007, down slightly from 71% in 2006.

services: vendors now are paying more attention to value-added services such as technical support and product troubleshooting and basic IT and hardware consulting.

e-readiness: a survey for the Philippines Institute for Development Studies has found that the Philippines is lagging compared to other Asian countries in terms of IT and internet use in businesses. part of this is due to lack infrastracture setup and trusting credit cards.

Business Monitor International (BMI) is a wholly independent, London-based company, which publishes specialist business information on global emerging markets for senior executives in more than 125 countries worldwide.

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