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top app servers 2008

according to 700 software developers surveyed by evans data corporation (edc), the top app servers for 2008 are as follows:
– Adobe ColdFusion
– Apache Geronimo
– Oracle WebLogic Server (formerly BEA WebLogic Server)
– IBM WebSphere
– Red Hat JBoss
– Microsoft Windows Server 2003
– SAP NetWeaver
– Sun Java System Application Server/GlassFish

i’ve worked only with four of them and WAS is what i like most. it’s user/developer friendly, lots of docs/references which is critical when deploying large scale apps. for training and development (esp. for newbies, jboss and glassfish are probably the best since it’s open source and it will force you to do a lot of research because of missing techsupport hehehe).

weblogic, the first appserver i’ve used is kewl as well but too many features have been added, which i don’t find amusing anymore (plus it reminded me of a project i’ve worked with in the past where we used this and practically lived in the office for how many months!).

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