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handling irate customers

techrepublic stated that 10% of the typical workforce falls into the category of “Difficult People.

it was also mentioned that “the effects they have on the organization vary greatly, but usually involve low morale, increased conflict, change in group attitude, intimidation, insults, team demoralization, decreased productivity, rising costs, increasing project risks, and/or a tax on resources.”

here’s my take on this…
everyone will from time to time be confronted by an angry client, with sentiments such as:
“our tools are down and we need it up NOW!”
“we might miss a delivery if you can’t help me!”
“you packaged a wrong product!”
or the customer simply just have a bad day! ( kasi naman pumasok pa! 🙂 )

know that when a client brings a problem to our attention, they come to us because they believe we can offer the best solution.

yep, our duties sometimes lead us to meeting such irate customers, here’s some coach points on how to handle them:

STAY CALM. walang personalan. winning the confrontation accomplishes nothing. usapang EQ na ‘to. sabi nga, the person who remains in control of his emotions deal from a position of strength. while it is natural to be emotional when attacked, know that we have a choice to be the bigger person, so keep your kewl.

LISTEN WELL. during this time, better to be a Joe d’ Mango and just listen. ‘pag malamig na sila, they will be more open to hear a solution.

ACKNOWLEDGE THE PROBLEM. if we screwed up, lets admit it, learn from it and move on. if we did not make a mistake or there’s just a misunderstanding, better run through the details with the client. we may not necessarily agree with what they are saying, but sometimes its better if we look @ how they see things as well.

GET AND ANSWER WITH FACTS. get all the details you need to fully understand the situation.

OFFER A SOLUTION. coming from a consulting background, we were programmed to never quickly say NO. so try offer a solution or forward them to someone who can.

A quick follow up as an icing on the cake, wouldn’t hurt as well!

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