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top 10 greatest geeks of all time

i’ve read this in, they’ve listed the 10 greatest geeks of all time.

i dont know about the list, but i believe other names should have been better included like james gosling (java) and bill gates (microsoft).

here’s what’s listed…
1. Linus Torvalds (linux / open-source)
2. Steve Wozniak (apple)
3. Sir Tim Berners-Lee (basic protocols of the world wide web)
4. Seymour Cray (supercomputer)
5. Marc Andreessen (mosaic – 1st mass market browser)
6. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (flow-matic which was followed by cobol)
7. Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce(integrated circuit)
8. Alan Turing (the turing test, ai)
9. Richard Stallman (gnu standard)
10. Paul Allen (microsoft, dos)

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