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US experts and the FBI recently released a warning of a “Cybergeddon,” wherein nations whose advanced economy is highly dependent on controlled computers – if and when they fall prey to hackers might lead to catastrophic results (hmmm reminds me of Die Hard 4)!

Shawn Henry, assistant director of the FBI’s cyber division, stated that computer attacks (aside from weapons of mass destruction) now pose as the biggest risk from a national security perspective.

now i don’t want to scare you guys but do you think the recent news about hacking of –

have any relation to the FBI’s claims?

are these just but a start of the something more to come? a coincidence? am i just blogging this out of paranoia? or are these just plain jokes fueled by some geeks who wanted to hitchhike the Cybergeddon-ride? hmmm

read more [here].

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  1. it is ok wither its a joke or not. we have to remind others that still we have to work as human and don\’t rely on computers and machines. it may lessen the workers but it cannot work without human. so.. Human reaaly Rocks..hope to see you soon


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