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Green PC for IT PINOYs!

has it been too cold lately or too hot during the summer? well us – IT PINOYs too have a share why this is happening.

the IT industry has answered the call to help put a stop to global warming with various organizations clamoring for “greener” PC’s.

in fact apple and dell are but a few who have made sure they have greener products via their apple green and dell earth movements respectively.

so what makes a PC green?
any personal computer that uses a lower power consumption and whose components are made out of environment-friendly materials may be called a Green PC.

if you want to know if you have a green PC, check out Lifehacker’s Easy Ways to go Green with your Computer.

Al Gore in the Inconvenient Truth stated it truthfully, “our ability to live is what is @ stake” and all of us – IT PINOYs can do our share.

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  1. When I think about Green PCs, I\’m usually reminded of a company called Userful. I\’ve used their software and it\’s great stuff. They just recently set a world record in Brazil delivering over 365,000 desktops. If you guys are really into green computing, check them out:


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