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if (blogger == journalist) return true; else return false;

in the past couple of weeks, you might have read or seen on the news about PINOY students being suspended for writing against their school principal via their blogs.

since this incident, various discussions arose such as freedom of speech, responsibility in blogging, blogging as journalism, invasion of privacy, even child-abuse law was mentioned to have been violated?!

all i can say is that this is how powerful blogging is now that it has shaked this generation to a whole new world.

London’s BBC in ’06 remarked, “Why we are all journalists now” –
“The blossoming of citizen journalism stands as one of the Internet’s most exciting developments. With millions of bloggers, tens of millions of Internet posters, and hundreds of millions of readers, online news sources have radically reshaped the way we access our daily news. While mainstream news organizations initially expressed doubt about the news value of online sources such as blogs, in recent months many have launched their own blogs, frequently maintained by some of their most distinctive voices. Indeed, the remarkable growth of the blogosphere is enough to convince even the most die-hard skeptic that something important is afoot…”

so what do you think – are you a blogger, a journalist or a just a simple IT PINOY who happens to post diaries online? 😉

read more [here].

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  1. hey that\’s fucking invasion of privacy!!! eh pakialam ba nila kung ayaw ng students niya sa kanya di ba? feeling naman!ang sabihin lang nila inggit sila kasi hindi sila marunong mag-blog hahahahha!!!! ano ba naman pati alam nila sa blogging!


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