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Korea with 1Gbps by 2012

yup, you read it right! interesting news ey and will surely blow you out of your mind!

korea communications commission has alotted $24 billion to secure a 1Gbps access by 2012! it is part of giving Korean IT infrastructure a boost as well as to create around 120,000 jobs.

for the IT PINOYs who weren’t listening well in their data structure classes in college, 1Gbps means 1 billion bytes per second.

okay, still didn’t get it? since IT PINOYs love downloading movies via torrent, i’ll make it easier for you guys – it will only take you to download a 2-hour-movie in 12 seconds. that’s 5 movies in 1 minute!!!! 300 movies in an hour!!!!

read more [here].

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  1. And we\’re still gonna be stuck with the typical 1Mbps to 2Mbps here in the Philippines. Sky Broadband offers up to 12Mbps of bandwidth but then there is still no guarantee or that you will reach that maximum.And although 12Mbps is available here, it is extremely expensive at P6,000/month. I would say it would be worth that price when reviews come pouring in that it indeed is able to maximize at least 80% of the connection bandwidth advertised.


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