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UK’s $6.6bil high-tech card boo boo

UK recently launched a “very promising” high-tech id systems with the intention of putting vast personal info in just one card. the program which costs $6.6B USD (£4.7B) however would most probably all go into waste as they (read this!) – FORGOT TO BUDGET & INCLUDE CARD READERS FOR THESE ID’s!!! what duh???!!!!

the card sounded promising which hopes to store a wealth of data including biographical as well as facial and fingerprint scans, but without the card reader, it’s just a photo id!

there’s no definite time as to the rollout of the readers, as this may cost the britz even more taxpayer money!

now i’m wondering what had happened to the Philippines’ national id system? hmmm anyway we didn’t have the budget for it anyway hahaha 🙂

read more @ [crunchgear]

(story ym’d to me by aries, thanks!)


  1. di ko na-gets yung sinabe mo na \”FORGOT TO BUDGET & INCLUDE CARD READERS FOR THESE ID's!!!\”hmm… this is nice pero pa'ni kung nawala tapos may gumamit na iba, how can they be sure that it's THAT safe.tayo? asus asa ka pa hehehe…


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