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PINOYs Prefer Web Over TV & Print

Yahoo! & Nielsen survey shows that there’s a slight decrease of tv viewership and print readership, as the “younger youth” now prefers web over these traditional communication mediums.
from 2007’s 89% to 2008’s 92%, Pinoys show preference to web over tv. not that they no longer watch tv shows, but with shows now being streamed online, IT PINOYs found a way to stay in tuned with their fav shows.

looks like the local network wars have another foe to contend with…

check out [] for a complete summary of the IT PINOYs internet habits (this is great stuff!)


  1. I don\’t agree. i know we can do a lot on the net but there are times that you just want to be comfortable in your living room sofa or your bedroom with only yourself or with your family, boyfriend/girlfriend spending time together to watch your favourite movies and shows.the survey shows that filipino youth in the future are dependent on the net and will be lazy to do anything else!like come on! they\’re freakazoids!


  2. haha there\’s truth in the survey results, more kids stay in front of the pc nowadays, may be not due to surfing but are playing online games.. i see less kids now playing outside unlike \”my younger days\” hehehebut i agree with you boris, i myself is still a couch potato 😉 webtvs arent gaining much popularity as well…


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