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AKO MISMO! – a phishing exhibition?

you might have recently seen the catchy “AKO MISMO!” advertisement, which includes celebs urging PINOYs to register at and make a stand by acting the causes they believe in.

Jaime Garchitorena, president of Edu Pro however cautioned everyone (via email) who have registered to the site, “To all those who signed up with AKO MISMO! You are now part of SMART telecoms network for potential campaigns in 2010.” He further added this campaign might be a “phishing exhibition” of a politician in preparation for the 2010 elections.

in the infomercial, it shows that Smart Communications was a supporter of this campaign. today however, Smart denies that they own this website. “I’ve read that email (by Garchitorena). The database does not belong to Smart. We don’t own the database, therefore we can’t sell it,” said Ramon Isberto, public affairs head of Smart Communications.

if you ask me, i do care for this country… my only question is what happens to the pledges, will it be just a wall of commitments?? thinking out loud, it would further motivate me if i get that red dog tag! haha! 😉



  1. If you call *888 the Smart helpline, they\’ll ask you for all sorts of details about yourself, such as your name, location, etc. before they\’ll even answer the simplest question like \”Is the network down?\” or \”Why can\’t I re-load?\”When telcos sent out SPAM texts frequently, some of the spam messages have the name you\’ve just given the *888 helpline.The whole \”helpline\” is just a data mining service – for SMART and not for the consumers.So, I\’m not surprised about this.


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