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Top 10 Programming Languages on Twitter

basictweaks yesterday forwarded me this link (thanks dude!), done by doloreslabs where they listed the top 10 programming language with the happiest users.

doloreslabs fetched the 150 most recent tweets (from Twitter) for each programming language and this is what they got:
there are actually quite a number of reactions on the post, some thought the list was subjective and that other programming languages should have been included… well to me it it was interesting. i would have listed it probably the same way. i was quite surprised though with LISP (being an old programming language) still up there…

what do you think IT PINOYs? what’s the best programming language for you?


  1. i always wanted to get what Pinoy programmers really are using nowadays. i\’ve been searching since i started this blog but i couldn\’t find any concrete way how to achieve this… well may be in the near future i could blog what IT PINOY programmers are using 🙂 btw, my newest love is ruby and perl, but i still love java, my puppy love was … c! 🙂


  2. Interesting blog.Well most programmers commonly use perl and java. PERL language provides more powerful text processing facilities than others.


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