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Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili Sex Video Sites Disappears

according to Philippine’s National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (NBI-AFCCD), local websites which previously hosted the now infamous celebrity doctor – Hayden Kho and sexy actress – Katrina Halili (plus with other women) sex scandal videos have been removed for fear of getting traced.

NBI-AFCCD Executive Officer Palmer Mallari Mallari further explained that the domain owners are traceable and that this would be starting point to monitor such videos on the Internet (note that the bureau have been actively campaigning against pornography).

Mallari also said the bureau cannot punish persons who downloaded the video clips from the Internet, the same is not true for those caught maintaining a porn site.

Google Insights for Search showed that “Hayden Kho” text search rose to 20% from May 13-15 and continued to rise up to 50% by May 18.


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  1. Who cares anymore on that particular scandal, its been uploaded in the internet and probably a lot of people had a copy of it, I know because I have. I think its no big deal anymore.


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