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Friendster for Sale?

what’s this? the top social networking site in the Philippines (and asia) – Friendster – is now looking for buyers and even tapped Morgan Stanley to find anyone willing to buy the company (or at least some of its assets).

in the techcrunch report it shows that Friendster is 11.3% higher compared to Facebook as of july 2009 and that they (friendster) claim to have over 100M registered users globally.



  1. nobody cares for friendster here in north america. Guys, please read the book \”throwing sheep in the boardroom\” a very great book which discuss the impact of social media to ones life. Friendster's history was there too. No wonder even Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are not interested with friendster. Even if it surpasses myspace and facebook's combine users, silicon valley's giant companies wouldn't care This site is a junk! I just deleted my FS account just a couple of weeks ago.


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