IT PINOY’s cut back!

this is quite a delicate topic and rumors are all ready circling the IT industry. it was said that a blog and an email started it all. that there is […]

anatomy of a programmer

the influx of computers and of the information technology (IT) has changed the way we live our lives. gone are the days when people hang out of their homes and […]

code clean-up!

cory foy put this topic bluntly, “as developers, system admins, and a variety of other roles in IT, we have to deal with code on a daily basis. sometimes it’s […]

sun and microsoft

oh yeah finally they’re working together! i guess these guys are the new apple and microsoft of this generation. (wait, for the IT PINOY’s who didn’t know – apple and […]

video/voice chat in gmail!

Google has added video and voice chat to its free Gmail application. you will only need a webcam and install the browser plugin to get you started. google added that […]

googling your desktop!

have you tried google on your desktop? if you believe that google is the best tool to search the web, wait ’till you find out if it tries to search […]

j2ee training philippines

IT PINOY‘s, active learning will once again conduct a training on J2EE focusing on servlets, java server pages (jsp) and struts from nov10-14, 2008. for more details visit

let’s virtualize

IT PINOY‘s, let’s talk about virtualization. in essence, it is allowing one computer do the job of multiple computers, this by sharing resources across multiple environments. virtual servers and desktops […]

handling irate customers

techrepublic stated that 10% of the typical workforce falls into the category of “Difficult People.” it was also mentioned that “the effects they have on the organization vary greatly, but […]