is it cloudy today?

oh yeah, you might have already heard of the latest buzzword in the market today called, “cloud computing.” if not, this is the perfect time for you to learn this! […]

top app servers 2008

according to 700 software developers surveyed by evans data corporation (edc), the top app servers for 2008 are as follows:– Adobe ColdFusion– Apache Geronimo– Oracle WebLogic Server (formerly BEA WebLogic […]

bukas lulubog ang araw?

nope, this is not a line from one of sharon cuneta’s movies! (sorry) the IDG News Service recently reported a failing Q1FY09 revenue results for Sun Microsystems. hala! dagdag pa, […]

we feel fine

okay, before anything else.. i have a question… do you blog? if you do, i encourage you to watch Jonathan Harris’ TED talk titled The Art of Collecting Stories. […]

IT PINOY Report Q3 2008

according to the business monitor international (BMI) – in the next few years the Philippines is expected to be one with the highest IT growths here in asia. it was […]

java love

found this in hivelogic, thought it was funny and true! Ernie: great. the test server now crashes when i declare a boolean variable. great. friggin wonderful.hivelogic: in java, no one […]

java programming – for kids?????

oh yep, they’re kidding us right? if not, this is aught to be kewl! you might have already guessed that i tend towards sun and java, well that’s because i […]

IT PINOY vs india

hmmm interesting topic but i’ll try to be as objective as i can (and if i can’t help it, pls forgive me). to give you a backgrounder, i’ve been in […]