Meet Astro

Amazon just unveiled it’s latest product, Astro! The household robot for home monitoring integrating Alexa. Here are mentioned features: Keep home closer – Meet Astro, the household robot for home monitoring, with Alexa. Introducing Intelligent Motion – Amazon Astro uses advanced navigation technology to find its way around your home and go where you need […]

US President Joe Biden defends troop withdrawal as chaos fell in Afghanistan

The world is in shock on how fast the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. This after the US and allied forces withdrew their armed forces and Afghan president fled the country leaving his own people in disarray. 33 more words Chaos in Afghanistan — set it good Meanwhile many American’s stand on US President Joe […]

Hidilyn Diaz wins Philippines’ 1st-ever Olympic Gold!

It took almost a century but finally an Olympic gold for the Philippines! Hidilyn Diaz set two Olympic records on her way to winning the women’s 55kg, bringing the Philippines its first ever gold medal in Olympic history. Finally, an olympic gold for philippines! — set it good Many men have come close but it took […]


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