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Category: tech

IT ethics during recession

with yesterday’s news of Accenture Manila laying off around 500 IT PINOYs, plus getting more infos of how it was done, I did some research on what effects there is […]

Google Lays off 100

the last quarter of 08 was a bombardment of IT layoffs in the Philippines. @ the start of 09 there had been news that microsoft itself will lay off 15000 […]

Facebook Sacrifices BK’s Whopper

the latest facebook app from burger king where you can sacrifice a friend to earn a free whopper coupon was an instant success. however, only after a week the tables […]

if you’re spending too much time in front of your PC that you often miss your favorite telenovelas (duh!), fret no more as has arrived! is simply put […]

is friendship stronger than whopper?

social networks such as facebook is so huge nowadays that different companies/products are trying unique ways to get themselves noticed in these sites. burger king has recently created a “whopper […]


it came as a surprise and a wonder when i found out about this news today from DevTopics. effective jan ’09, dr. dobb’s journal (DDJ) is changing to dr. dobb’s […]

Green PC for IT PINOYs!

has it been too cold lately or too hot during the summer? well us – IT PINOYs too have a share why this is happening. the IT industry has answered […]


US experts and the FBI recently released a warning of a “Cybergeddon,” wherein nations whose advanced economy is highly dependent on controlled computers – if and when they fall prey […]

"I’m Linux" video contest

i once read somewhere that “it takes two to tango, but three to tangle!” not satisfied with all those pc-mac tussle (e.g. pc vs mac transformers)? well expect it to […]