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Category: tech

top social networking site of 08

comscore c/o techcrunch reported the top social/blogging platforms for 2008. Blogger (222 million) Facebook (200 million) MySpace (126 million) WordPress (114 million) Windows Live Spaces (87 million) Yahoo Geocities (69 […]

Microsoft to lay off 15,000?

i just read this from tech.blorge, it seems that the redmont software company – Microsoft too is just as volatile as the others. there is a “substantial” rumor that the […]

top online security threats for 09

would you believe this? every 4.5secs, a new web page is infected with a virus/worm! (remember my recent post re: Philippine DTI site hacked) readwriteweb recently listed the top security […]

IT PINOY stands with Vicissitude

for IT PINOYs, you probably have read (or seen in the news) the recent golf brawl, which involved a local city mayor and a Philippine govt. official who allegedly beat […]

imagine cup 09

IT PINOYs i want you to imagine this:– you will have a crack and provide the best solution to our problems today– you will compete against around 200,000 fellow students […]

a brief history of worms

my last post about DTI’s website being hacked prompted me to do some research on internet viruses and worms. according to, the term “worm” originated from a science fiction […]

PINOY govt. website hacked! reported that the department of trade and industry’s (dti) web site have been defaced by supposed foreign hackers. this is just an alarming call to our local government’s IT […]

DAYO – truly IT PINOY!

it’s christmas time and in the Philippines it means it’s the metro manila film festival (mmff) where only PINOY movies get to be shown during the holidays. this year the […]