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Category: tech

IT Christmas Songs

ITPinoy along with the rest of the world celebrates this yuletide season. As I was looking for kewl IT Christmas songs I found this funny song that fully depicts us […]

FREE Pinoy eCards!!!!

oh yeah!! just when we thought nothing is free anymore esp. during these days… well there is still still some thing for us to smile about. we can still send […]

mac vs pc (transformers)

can’t get enough of pc versus mac user’s endless arguments on which is the best? watch and be transformed!!!

javascript outstrips java!

i don’t know about this but thought this was intriguing and also convincing @ the same time. according to JDJ a survey conducted by Evans Data Corp. shows that javascript […]

top IT Pinoy services for 2009

Ovum, an I.T. advisory and consulting firm will soon release a report detailing the top I.T. services that the country should focus on for 2009. “The Ovum Eight” report identifies […]

computer mouse turns 40!

did you know? 40 years ago, dec.9.1968, Douglas Engelbart with 17 other guys @ Stanford University’s Stanford Research Institute (SRI), spent 90 minutes at the Fall Joint Computer Conference and […]

snow in IT PINOY!

have you noticed the kewl snow effects in this blog??? thanks to blogger buster! this is a simple javascript which does not require any images. check it, try it!!!! pump […]


the name itself is already catchy… wait ’til you know what it’s all about! composed of grad students mainly from u.p., ateneo, and la salle, these IT PINOY’s called Inovent […]