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Category: tech

four secrets to liking your work!

are you unhappy @ work? may be it’s time you stop and rethink your life @ work first! consider this, may be you don’t really need to quit @ all? […]

top 10 greatest geeks of all time

i’ve read this in, they’ve listed the 10 greatest geeks of all time.i dont know about the list, but i believe other names should have been better included like […]


one of the toughest tasks i’ve encountered as a lead (and one of the things i hated as well) is creating project estimates. why? i knew very well that the […]


“YOU HAVE WON A NEW CAR!” we – IT PINOY’s might have already received emails with subjects/contents such as the above which looked legit but in fact is a hoax! […]

IT PINOY’s nightmare: CTS

an IT PINOY’s career unlike any other careers such as an athlete or a blue-collar worker, is much less prone for physical injuries. however unknown to most of us is […]

ruby on rails

IT PINOY‘s you might have heard of ruby on rails, if not then this is the perfect time to learn the newest and the kewlest development tool right now! there […]

blogs in plain english

many have asked me when they learned i “restarted” blogging, what blogging is all about? a better way to fully understand what blogging is all about is to check lelefever’s […]