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Category: viral

Are you an EXPERT?

here’s something to make any IT PINOY’s day.  those in the information technology industry surely would relate to this video.“The Expert” is a funny sketch about an engineer, along with […]

Yolanda Survivors Dances to "Happy"

months after super typhoon yolanda (haiyan) devastated some parts of the Visayas Islands in the Philippines, see how the people there continued with their lives and still be able to […]

ABS-CBN-2 vs GMA-7 (Virtual Presence vs Hologram)

IT PINOYs might have been amazed with how the two major (warring!) networks brought the recent Philippine Automated National Elections yesterday with the use of “virtual presence” and “hologram” technologies. […]

Should IT Pinoys worry about ageism

found this post from stackoverflow asking, “Should developers worry about ageism?” here’s the snapshot of the question – “Having worked in software development for 12 years, I’ve recently started to […]