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Facebook Worldmap

below is a world map drawn by Paul Butler by gathering 10 million Facebook friend connections.  “I defined weights for each pair of cities as a function of the Euclidean […]

Facebook March 15 Shutdown – a Hoax

rumors that shocked IT PINOYs about Facebook shutting down on March 15, is just a hoax! Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu confirmed the rumor is false. “The answer is […]

Facebook Shuts Down on March 15?

there’s a rumor running around the web where Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook shuts down on March 15. “Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a press conference […]

PNoy Responds to Facebook Note

being true to his promise of open communication to the Filipino people, Philippine President replied to a post (Mr. President, Something In You Has To Die) made by Reyn Barnido […]

Lawmaker Seeks to Regulate Internet in RP Offices

IT Pinoys in the Philippine government offices wouldn’t like this news that Marikina Rep. Romero Federico Quimbo recently filed House Resolution 184, which seeks to regulate internet access. “…unabated and […]