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Bill Gates Leaves Facebook

“It was just way too much trouble so I gave it up,” this was what Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has to say when asked why he gave up his facebook […]


have you been to the kewlest places and would want to shout out “i’ve been here!” well two IT PINOYs just answered your prayers! ivebeenhere is an application made for […]

facebook reverts it’s terms!

“VICTORY! YOU SPOKE, and FACEBOOK LISTENED.” this is how the people against the new terms of service group in facebook greeted it’s 81k+ members today. in the group’s profile facebook […]

IT PINOY! in Facebook!

we’re officially joining the facebook community! here, all you readers can log into and post in the discussion boards your thoughts and share your videos and notes as well… even […]

Facebook Sacrifices BK’s Whopper

the latest facebook app from burger king where you can sacrifice a friend to earn a free whopper coupon was an instant success. however, only after a week the tables […]

top online security threats for 09

would you believe this? every 4.5secs, a new web page is infected with a virus/worm! (remember my recent post re: Philippine DTI site hacked) readwriteweb recently listed the top security […]