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Tag: internet

ePayment in the Philippines

undoubtedly more and more IT PINOYs are showing confidence in transacting online. in response to the clamor for better, faster and safer online payment, it has been reported that payment […]

40 Years of Internet

Happy 40 Years – Internet! September 2, 1969: two computers at the University of California, Los Angeles, exchanged meaningless data in a first test of Arpanet (an experimental military network). […]

A Call for Broadband Service Honesty

by the end of 2009, the number of broadband users in the Philippines would have reached 2M, this came in a recent statement by Catanduanes Representative Joseph Santiago who by […]

Facebook/Youtube – a Perfect Excuse

a study shows that the internet (used for fun) while @ the office makes us better employees! now really? the Univ. of Melbourne reported that surfing during office hours increases […]

pinoy bloggers!

to begin with, i’m amazed @ how many PINOY blogs are out there right now... i remember writing my first blog five years ago and i swear i never thought […]