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IT PINOY! in Facebook!

we’re officially joining the facebook community! here, all you readers can log into and post in the discussion boards your thoughts and share your videos and notes as well… even […]

ruby on rails

IT PINOY‘s you might have heard of ruby on rails, if not then this is the perfect time to learn the newest and the kewlest development tool right now! there […]

blogs in plain english

many have asked me when they learned i “restarted” blogging, what blogging is all about? a better way to fully understand what blogging is all about is to check lelefever’s […]

a java poem

let’s build on our last blog – the OOP song, this time let’s read doug hoff’s java poem…. Static – a Java poem public class Static { static Class Public; […]

the OOP song

“Object-Oriented Programming got a song?” I bet you asked. oh yeah! all i can say is that finally someone had the balls to express how all IT PINOY‘s felt while […]

IT PINOY’s cut back!

this is quite a delicate topic and rumors are all ready circling the IT industry. it was said that a blog and an email started it all. that there is […]

anatomy of a programmer

the influx of computers and of the information technology (IT) has changed the way we live our lives. gone are the days when people hang out of their homes and […]

code clean-up!

cory foy put this topic bluntly, “as developers, system admins, and a variety of other roles in IT, we have to deal with code on a daily basis. sometimes it’s […]