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Tag: java

bukas lulubog ang araw?

nope, this is not a line from one of sharon cuneta’s movies! (sorry) the IDG News Service recently reported a failing Q1FY09 revenue results for Sun Microsystems. hala! dagdag pa, […]

java love

found this in hivelogic, thought it was funny and true! Ernie: great. the test server now crashes when i declare a boolean variable. great. friggin wonderful.hivelogic: in java, no one […]

java programming – for kids?????

oh yep, they’re kidding us right? if not, this is aught to be kewl! you might have already guessed that i tend towards sun and java, well that’s because i […]

java training philippines!

want to beef up your skillset (and resume)? learn JAVA! Active Learning, will conduct “Java Programming: A Comprehensive Introduction” on 2008.10.27-31. the course will be lead by Gavin Lim, a […]

IT PINOY salary – competitive!

according to ZDNet Asia, we – IT PINOY’s – are receiving above-average salaries compared to our counterparts in other professions. however most of us lack IT certifications, which our neighbors […]

pinoy bloggers!

to begin with, i’m amazed @ how many PINOY blogs are out there right now... i remember writing my first blog five years ago and i swear i never thought […]

hello world

welcome IT PINOY!!!! and i thought the best way to welcome you guys here is to start where we all began… any IT PINOY story started with “Hello” and ended […]