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It’s More fun in the Philippines Photos

the Philippine’s Department of Tourism‘s newly released slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” immediately caught fire in the Twitterverse, allowing PINOYs to post photos of the country as their […]

A Salute to Pinoy Animators

IT PINOYs today commemorate the 113th year independence of the Philippines. behind some of the big hollywood animation studios like Walt Disney, Marvel, DC, etc is an IT PINOY.  to […]

PINOYs Prefer Web Over TV & Print

Yahoo! & Nielsen survey shows that there’s a slight decrease of tv viewership and print readership, as the “younger youth” now prefers web over these traditional communication mediums. from 2007’s […]

IT PINOY salary – competitive!

according to ZDNet Asia, we – IT PINOY’s – are receiving above-average salaries compared to our counterparts in other professions. however most of us lack IT certifications, which our neighbors […]

pinoy bloggers!

to begin with, i’m amazed @ how many PINOY blogs are out there right now... i remember writing my first blog five years ago and i swear i never thought […]

hello world

welcome IT PINOY!!!! and i thought the best way to welcome you guys here is to start where we all began… any IT PINOY story started with “Hello” and ended […]