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Tag: Steve Jobs

Who is Tim Cook

for all PINOYs who aren’t familiar with the CEO of Apple, here’s a summary profile of Tim Cook as seen on Before being named CEO in August 2011, Tim […]

New Apple CEO Tim Cook Reassures Employees

a day after Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, his replacement Tim Cook, steps up reassuring Apple employees that the company shall maintain its course – forging ahead. check […]

Steve Jobs’ Resigns from Apple

Steve Jobs, the main man behind Apple, has just filed his resignation and will be replaced by Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook. last seen on Apple’s WWDC, Steve did not […]

Apple Unveils iPad 2

IT PINOYs wait is over, Apple’s Steve Jobs just announced the release of the much-anticipated iPad 2 slated by March 11. here’s some key features: 33% thinner 15% lighter faster […]