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Amazon countersuits Parler

The attempted coup on the US Capitol on January 6th forced several tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to ban US President Donald Trump for its failure to […]

“Donald, you’re fired!” – says Twitter

Twitter just permanently suspended US President Donald Trump’s account (@realDonaldTrump), after continued failure to comply to the companies policies. This came two days after his supporters seized and terrorized the […]

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Blocks Trump

Everyone knows that US President Donald Trump have been an eager Twitter user – he would use this tool to express his thoughts, hire and fire people, and unfortunately have […]

Do the #Hashtag

ever wonder if we ever use hashtag (#) in everything we say?  check out jimmy fallon and justin timberlake’s take on this 🙂hashtags (#) rose to popularity due to microblogging […]

The Pinoy Selfie

PINOYs love taking photos. you are in a group dinner. they just served your fav sizzling tuna, sweet-and-sour pork and salted crab.  you realize you have to capture this, you […]