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Jesus on Twitter – Will you Follow?

Heya IT PINOYs! this coming Lent, bet most of you will be out of town, enjoying the beach under the scorching sun… and still be on Twitter! Here’s something to ponder about […]

The Twitterverse

who would have thought that an expansive ecosystem would develop out of Twitter? digital analyst Brian Solis released an info-graphic entitled “The Twitterverse” which visually maps the tools that help […]

IT PINOYs on Twittiquettes

the recent automated elections has shown how strong IT PINOYs got hooked with twitter, esp with the witty remarks of @PCOSmachine and updates of #halalan.  while some had heated arguments […]

@PCOSmachine Comes To Life

in the recent automated elections, IT PINOYs saw how technology played its part in ensuring the success of the event as well as better ways to deliver updates, one of […]

Philippine Election Top Trends Today

IT PINOY as early as a year ago started following how the Philippine automated election would turn out, assessing so far the day – it generally turned out well. this […]

Happy Birthday, Twitter!!

“just setting up my twttr” – this was the very first tweet message sent 4yrs ago (mar21, 2006) by @jack (jack dorsey, creator/chairman of Twitter). today the micro-blogging phenomenon has […]