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Amazon countersuits Parler

The attempted coup on the US Capitol on January 6th forced several tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to ban US President Donald Trump for its failure to […]

Deepfake Zoom Calls with Avatarify

Working remotely and attending video-conference calls going to be more exciting as a Computer Graphics developer developed Avatarify, an AI-powered software allowing use of “photorealistic avatars.” Ali Aliev, a Computer […]

Youtube Rewind 2020

YouTube opted not to create it’s rewind this year, so content creators published their own 😛

Google – Year in Search 2020

2020 brought all sorts of challenges to people across the globe. This year, many tried to understand and find meaning of the events that have happened, we asked “Why” more […]

Amazing Giant Robot Storms Comic-Con 2013

check out this awe-dropping, nine-footer, four-armed robot, seen at the San Diego Comic-Con 2013. it took the mighty minds and resources of WIRED, YouTube, Stan Winston Studios, Legacy Effects, and Conde […]

YouTube Shows Off New Look

PINOYs  love YouTube – okay this would be an understatement… we love YouTube so much, Philippines is one of the top uploaders in the world!  this is backed up with our own […]