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State of the Philippine IT Address

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) just had 9th and “last” SONA (State of the Nation Address) yester. i found this nice article from abs-cbnnews where they somehow outlined PGMA’s “State of the Philippine IT Address” – IT initiatives duringher term.

since PGMA took the post, internet users grew from 2M in 2000 to 20M+ as of march of this year, which put Philippines to 7th in asia with the most number of internet users.

in around November 2008, the Nielsen survey showed that 85% of all online users from total urban Philippines are from the Class D and E socioeconomic classes while the rest are from Class ABC.

as early as 2004, CyberSecurity has been thought of but attempts didn’t materialize. later the Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division of the National Bureau of Investigation (AFCCD-NBI) was born.

others not mentioned in the article, which i’d like to add are the continuous influx of bpo’s, oppportunities for better broadband services, anti-piracy, privacy (data protection act), and of course the most recent anti-cyberboso/sex bills (triggered by Hayden Kho’s vids) were also launched during her term.

lastly of course, one of PGMA’s most notable tech landmark (yet) would be the 2010 poll automations.

definitely so much has happened during PGMA’s term with regards to the country’s IT growth. i bet all IT PINOYs hope that this continue to whoever would take oath to office next year. reminder: no politicking talk here – just pure tech talk!


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  1. Yeah let's say that since her term there's progress in Information Technology but I think most of the things you've mentioned will happen whoever our president was. Technology becomes more affordable during her term but it's not because of her presidency it's because of the rapid growth of technology.I am not saying that her government did nothing. She did somethings. It so happen that I was not satisfied.I think one of the very first step to improve technology in our country is to have a government agency dedicated to Information Technology.There's a good news way back in 2001 that such agency will be created. The agency's name was supposed to be Department of Telecommunications and Information Technology (DTIT) as far as I can recall. Unfortunately it's still a dream. Our president might be too busy for those years that's why she forgot about that pending plan…>>> coredump


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