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DOST Launches Project Noah – Philippine’s Real-time Weather Forecast

The Philippine Department of Science and Technology (DOST) rolled out Project Noah, a real-time weather monitoring, which hopes to give awareness of weather conditions to all PINOYs., a two-month-old project uses tools and censors to monitor clouds and gauge the amount of rainfall in a particular area.

you can search by location, check rain probability, see a flood map history (includes the Ondoy flood map, and shows up to 100yrs of flood history), choose from weather stations, weather temperature contours, and doppler forecasts from different regions in the country.

Philippines professor Alfredo Mahar Lagmay said, “A farmer before drying un-milled rice under the sun, a fisherman before sailing for his daily catch, a family about to go on vacation, they will know immediately if it’s going to rain or not.”

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  1. This site will enable me to see real time doppler radar of the areas around my home. This will enable me to be aware of the intensity of rain and winds during periods of typhoons passing nearby.


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